Type of Attorneys

Just like doctors, lawyers are also have specialization. Whether it is about wills, business matters, courts, contracts and others.

Here are some of  specializations of a lawyer:

1. Contracts. A lawyer who can understand your business contract perfectly and what does it mean.

2. Business organizations. You need a lawyer where can do the legal paper works.

3. Real estate. Even leasing a space for your store or office, you still need a lawyer whose expert of those terms that the tenants negotiated with you.

4. Taxes and licenses. A lawyer should be the one handling your business permits, including licenses and understand more the consequences that will be engage on it. They will be the one who will explained it to you, so that you will understand better.

5. Intellectual property. It is very helpful if your lawyer knew intellectual property legal work, to make it easier for you to register you business for federal trademark and copyright protection.