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Court Fees Change


This March the court saw an increase in court fees for money claims coming through the courts. The court have reasoned with the fact they have noticed more smaller business claims coming through from individuals representing as their own personal claim in a bid to bypass the court fees when pursuing money/debt. Many people are overlooking the importance of SSAS and what they are doing and many are losing their case or it is getting adjourned due to ultimately false and claims being brought to the courts incorrectly. Here is a chart from the law society and as you can see the difference in fees is quite dramatic. Be sure to seek professional advice where they will direct you in the right procedure to go which will help you be successful in your claim.

court fees

Changes are not just concerning businesses, in 2014 landlords faced an increase in charges and fees when claims are being brought to the courts, as you can see below.

Who Am I?


Hello my name is Don Touhig, I was born in Manhattan and grew up in Connecticut, I studied at Law and Business at college and practiced in employment and insurance law for a local firm for 7 years. I then decided that I wanted to explore the world and spent 2 years travelling around the world, working with law firms and businesses in all kinds of fields. At the age of 39 I decided to move over to the UK with my wife and 2 children and now work with a small firm as leading solicitor. I specialise in working with young people and help develop their skills in advocacy, writing and business strategies.

I am part of my local church which is a big importance to me and have learnt that skills and knowledge is to be shared, so this is my chance to help you, anyone. If you can take even the smallest bit of information from me, then I will feel happy. If you have any questions or queries you’d like to ask me then please get in touch via my Contact Me page. Thank You.