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The Matter of Business and Law

Inquiring an attorney is just like when you inquire a specialist. But, you need to discover an attorney where he/she knows about your market or line of business.For you may encounter a problem when your lawyer has no idea about your industry.

They may help you in any legal cases as well other things that they may fit in.

Reasons Why you need A Lawyer

In our lives sometimes we came to the point were we need a lawyer to help us in our needs and issues. As there are things we can’t understand and only lawyers know it more especially when it’s all about laws.

Here are some of the reasons why we need to hire a lawyer:

  1. Laws are too complicated for a normal person that is not a lawyer.
  2. Lawyers understand more legal documents and how to properly file court documents.
  3. Avoid problems from the start than fixing them when arises.
  4. Lawyers provide free initial consultation.
  5. The other party has legal representation.


Legal Issues that You can handle on your own

There are issues that we think that can be handled on our own, without asking for a lawyer help.

Estate & Finance Legal Issues

  • Bankruptcy
  • Last Wills & Testament
  • Living Trust
  • Power of Attorney
  • Promissory Notes

Marriage and Divorce Issues

  • Uncontested Divorce
  •  Premarital Agreement
  • Separation Agreement Marital Separation

Real Estate Issues

  • For Sale by OwnerHome Sales
  • Land Contracts
  • Lease Agreements
  • Quitclaim, Warranty and Survivor ship Deeds

Business Law Issues

  • Employee Manuals and Human Resources Legal Forms
  • General Business Partnership Agreements
  • Incorporation
  • Limited Liability Company


What does a business lawyer do?

Business lawyers advises businesses on their numerous legal rights, responsibilities, and obligations.

Generally they handle a wide range of legal issues for businesses. They counsel clients and handle business transactions including drafting, negotiation, review contracts, and other activities associated on the business he/she handles

Some of lawyers are hired directly by a company or a corporation, and some are in-house lawyers which they are only an internal legal advisers on a business.

An Issues Where You need to Handle it by a Lawyer

If you are handling businesses, whether it’s small or big. You can practically handle issues by your own some issues where its not too complex. But, sometimes there are some issues that are too much to handle and  needed a lawyer to settle it.

Here are some issues that are too complex for you:

  • Former, current, or prospective employees suing on the grounds of discrimination in hiring, firing, or hostile work environment
  • Local, state, or federal government entities filing complaints or investigating your business for violation of any laws.
  • You want to make a special allocation of profits and losses or you want to contribute appreciated property to your partnership or LLC agreement
  • An environmental issue arises and your business is involved (even if your business didn’t cause the environmental problem, you may be penalized)
  • Negotiating for the sale or your company or for the acquisition of another company or its assets.

Type of Attorneys

Just like doctors, lawyers are also have specialization. Whether it is about wills, business matters, courts, contracts and others.

Here are some of  specializations of a lawyer:

1. Contracts. A lawyer who can understand your business contract perfectly and what does it mean.

2. Business organizations. You need a lawyer where can do the legal paper works.

3. Real estate. Even leasing a space for your store or office, you still need a lawyer whose expert of those terms that the tenants negotiated with you.

4. Taxes and licenses. A lawyer should be the one handling your business permits, including licenses and understand more the consequences that will be engage on it. They will be the one who will explained it to you, so that you will understand better.

5. Intellectual property. It is very helpful if your lawyer knew intellectual property legal work, to make it easier for you to register you business for federal trademark and copyright protection.


When To Hire An Account Advisor?

Whenever possible, hire a business contract lawyer to help you negotiate the key terms of the contract.

Lawyers often make excellent negotiators, and a good one can help you get a better deal. She or he can also help you consider alternatives. A finalized contract is less likely to allow additional creative solutions or proposals; most of the time, the lawyer will just go over the terms and clauses that are already present.

However, if he or she actively participates in drafting and negotiating the contract, you’re more likely to get one that meets your needs and advances your goals.